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About Us

Bringing a unique experience to future scientists

HRSE is an online course created with the goal of helping high school students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to land a scientific research internship. Students will work 3-5 hours per week, initially learning what research is and discovering their interest. Then using proven HRSE templates, students will spend majority of their time doing outreach and research.

Our Course

HRSE was created by two Ivy League students. They both had a passion for science research and were able to pursue their interests through a doing their own independent research at a college. As a result of their experience, they wanted to create a program that would help other high school students who were interested in science get a similar experience. 

Our Story

What HRSE Offers

We'll show you why HRSE surpasses all the competition, setting a new standard for college-level high school programs.

Year Long Self-Paced Course

We'll show you why HRSE surpasses all competition, setting a new standard for college-level high school programs.


With a personalized follow-up system orchestrated by the founders themselves, we leverage the expertise and connections of the HRSE network and the Ivy League credibility of our founders, ensuring that every professor contacted receives a thoughtful, timely email reinforcement from us. This proactive approach significantly heightens the likelihood of receiving positive responses from professors, thus exponentially amplifying students' prospects of securing elusive research placements. 

  • Personalized Follow Up System

  • Credible Email Reinforcement 

  • Increase Chances

  • Secure Research Placements

  • HRSE and Ivy League Network

Credible Support 


Unlimited Guidance

Our dedicated team is committed to being highly responsive to emails, ensuring that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly. Additionally, we offer optional Zoom meetings to check in with students, offering a personalized touch to their learning experience. This open channel of communication allows us to foster a supportive and engaging environment, ensuring that every student feels guided and encouraged on their path towards scientific exploration and research success.

  • Highly Responsive to Emails

  • Individualized Support

  • Personalized Guidance Through the Entire Process

  • Optional One-on-One Zoom Meetings



Having access to the HRSE course equips students with a wealth of resources that extend beyond the program itself. From refining research methodologies to honing scientific writing skills, HRSE offers comprehensive tools to excel in all scientific research endeavors. Furthermore, the valuable research experiences gained through HRSE serve as compelling assets during the college application process, setting students apart and showcasing their dedication to academic excellence and passion for scientific exploration.

  • Comprehensive Tools

  • College Application Resources

  • Resume and LinkedIn Assistance

  • Networking Opportunities 

  • Research Proposal Assistance

Access to


Leave with Tangible Results

Students will have tangible results that speak to their growth as aspiring scientists. They will be able to showcase their research findings through a scientific poster, which can be presented at conferences and shown on their college application, amplifying their accomplishments. Additionally, HRSE provides invaluable resources, such as a top-tier resume and a well-crafted LinkedIn profile, positioning students for success as they venture into future academic pursuits and career opportunities.

  • Scientific Poster

  • Top-Tier Resume and LinkedIn

  • Professor Recommendation

  • Course Resources

  • Preparation for College Application



Backed by Partners

At HRSE, we exponentially improve our student's experience and support through providing a network of educational partners all over the world: Tutoring Companies, Science Fairs, College Consultants, and more. 

All students can tap in anytime and anywhere:

Program Overview



In the Research module of HRSE, you'll explore various professors and identify your interests. The course will guide you through the process of narrowing down fields of study, helping you find potential mentors who align with your passions and goals. By the end of this module, you'll have a clearer sense of your interests, laying the foundation for a rewarding internship experience.



Through the Outreach module, HRSE will provide you with a proven email template and strategies for effective communication. The course will show you how to craft persuasive emails, showcasing your enthusiasm, dedication, and qualifications when reaching out to professors. You'll increase your chances of securing an internship opportunity with a renowned lab.



In the Lab module, HRSE will assist you in securing an invaluable internship opportunity with a college professor. You'll learn what professors look for in potential interns and how to stand out during the selection process. The course will navigate you through the application procedure, preparing you to pursue the internship of your dreams at a prestigious lab.



Preparation is essential for a successful internship experience. HRSE's Prepare module will guide you on how to dive into research and academia. You'll learn to read relevant papers, understand essential methodologies, and conduct preliminary research about your chosen topic. By immersing yourself in the subject matter, you'll maximize your learning experience during the internship.



The culminating module of HRSE, Intern, is all about experiencing the internship firsthand. After successfully securing your internship, the course will lead you on a transformative journey. Spending a minimum of six weeks at your chosen lab, you'll gain hands-on experience, collaborate with fellow researchers, and work closely with your professor. 

What you'll learn

Module 1: Research - Understand the research process, from grants to publication. - Gain insights into various roles in a research lab and their responsibilities. - Understand how to find and comprehend primary literature in your field of interest. - Develop skills to analyze and summarize research papers effectively. Module 2: Outreach - Learn to compile an appealing and informative resume. - Construct a professional LinkedIn profile, enhance your online presence, and acquire strategies for networking . - Develop skills to write personalized and effective outreach emails to potential research labs. - Learn to use HRSE's proven cover letter templates and how to make a strong impression. Module 3: Lab - Understand the rules and strategies for sending effective outreach emails. - Learn to approach interviews and increase your chances of securing a lab opportunity. - Manage potential responses from labs, whether they are positive or negative. Module 4: Prepare - Learn how to communicate with your chosen lab and prepare for your internship. - Explore various prepatory topics, including coding languages and foundational knowledge in lab topic - Create a comprehensive research proposal for your PI to better understand your chosen topic. - Gain access to our resources and partnerships with tutoring organizations and online tools Module 5: Intern - Acquire practical tips from past HRSE students for excelling during your internship. - Learn how to navigate the lab environment, ask questions, and contribute effectively. - Understand the potential outcomes of your internship and how to approach them. - Build relationships with mentors and colleagues, and make the most of your experience. - Gain tips for asking for a recommendation from your professor. By the end of The HRSE Course, you will have gained a strong foundation in scientific research, honed your communication and networking skills, learned to navigate the internship experience, and developed strategies to excel for any and all academic and professional pursuits.


Our online program is proven to help 100% of our students acquire a research internship at a top-ranking college. 

In the unlikely event that our students do not secure an internship by April 1st, 2023, we stand by our commitment to offer a full refund of their payment, while granting continued access to our valuable course resources. Your success is our priority.

Example Timeline

Aug to Nov

Starting the program in August is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. You get a jump start on learning and have more time to reach out to professors to maximize success in acquiring a lab. Under our guidance, you'll learn to send cover letters, create resumes, and more.  

Nov to Jan

During this time, we believe most students will acquire a lab. This is the time to reach out to your professor and start learning what you will do this summer. We offer full guidance as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the summer. 

Jan to Jun

From January to June, it is the perfect time to get ready for your upcoming lab and research program. With our online program, you'll have the resources needed to perfect your coding and labratory skills, and finalize your housing arrangements before the summer begins. Take advantage of this time to get a head start and make the most of your upcoming research experience!

Unlock endless possibilities in scientific research, where success awaits your journey towards top-tier colleges!

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